Hello and welcome to RichardCranswick.com. 

This site was created to display my interests which, currently, is taken up with collecting sculptures.

See my current collection below. 

My Edge Sculpture Collection

Just before Christmas 2020, I spotted something I actually liked on Facebook. It was a sculpture. A sculpture of a baby Gorilla. A little bit of investigation led me to a company called Edge Sculpture and the talents of Matt Buckley. 

There are a number of outlets for these sculptures but the two I use are Just Sculptures and Generation Gallery. I am not affiliated with these outlets in any way. 

I currently have a primate theme going on and each shelf of my display is dedicate to a species of primate. 

I have some other Edge Sculptures which you can see further down the page. 

Primate Collection

Chimpanzee Bust - Height - 29.5cm, Length - 30.5cm, Depth - 27.5cm, Weight - 7kg (approx)
Baby Chimpanzee 'See No Evil' - Height - 20cm, Width - 15.6cm, Depth - 10.5cm, Weight - 2kg (approx)
Baby Chimpanzee 'Hear No Evil' - Height - 20cm, Width - 15.6cm, Depth - 10.5cm, Weight - 2kg (approx)
Baby Chimpanzee 'Speak No Evil' - Height - 20cm, Width - 15.6cm, Depth - 10.5cm, Weight - 2kg (approx)

Adult Gorilla- Height - 42cm, Length - 55.5cm, Depth - 40.5cm / Weight - 20kg (approx)
Baby Gorilla - Height - 23cm, Length - 19cm, Depth - 11cm. / Weight - 2kg (approx)
Gorilla Bust - Height - 38.5cm, Length - 39cm, Depth - 31.5cm / Weight - 10kg (approx)

Adult Orangutan - Height - 34cm, Length - 56cm, Depth - 29cm / Weight - 15kg (approx)
Orangutan "Baby Oh" - Height - 18cm, Length - 18cm, Depth - 14cm. / Weight - 2kg (approx)
Baby Orangutan - Height - 20cm, Length - 14cm, Depth - 10cm. / Weight - 2kg (approx)
Orangutan Bust - Height - 41.3cm, Width - 36cm, Depth - 29.5cm

Chimpanzee Bust

Gorilla Bust

Orangutan Bust

Adult Gorilla

Adult Orangutan

Baby Orangutan

Baby "Oh" Orangutan

Baby Gorilla

"Hear No Evil" 

"See No Evil"

"Speak No Evil"


Hedgehog was purchased as an 80th birthday present for my late Mother. 


Height - 18cm, Length - 22.5cm, Depth - 23cm

Weight - approx 3kg


The Robin was purchased in memory of my Mother who, sadly, passed away in 2021. 


Height - 20.5cm, Length - 14.5cm, Depth - 16.5cm.

Weight - approx 3kg


This Tiger bust is my absolute favourite of all the sculptures so far. It's so visually stunning in my opinion. 


Height - 40cm, Length - 43.5cm, Depth - 28.7cm

Weight - approx 10kg

Dragon Egg Black

I know, it's purple! The piece is titled as Black though but Black Light is purple anyway. It is a new concept from Edge Sculptures and these pieces are lit using a disc light that fits neatly underneath. It looks great when lit up. 


Height - 22.2cm, Width - 20.3cm, Depth - 15cm

Miniature Lion Bust

One of a set of six miniature versions of existing Edge Sculpture pieces. 


Height - 13cm, Width - 12cm, Depth - 8cm
Weight - 1kg