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Just before Christmas 2020, I spotted something I actually liked on Facebook. It was a sculpture. A sculpture of a baby Gorilla. A little bit of investigation led me to a company called Edge Sculpture and the talents of Matt Buckley.

There are a number of outlets for these sculptures but the two I use are Just Sculptures and Generation Gallery. I am not affiliated with these outlets in any way.

Gorilla & Orangutan Babies

These were the first into my collection.

Baby Gorilla - Height - 23cm, Length - 19cm, Depth - 11cm. / Weight - 2kg (approx)
Orangutan "Baby Oh" - Height - 18cm, Length - 18cm, Depth - 14cm. / Weight - 2kg (approx)

Another Baby

This little fella was next to arrive.

Baby Orangutan - Height - 20cm, Length - 14cm, Depth - 10cm. / Weight - 2kg (approx)

Adult Orangutan

An adult was required to keep the little ones in check.

Adult Orangutan - Height - 34cm, Length - 56cm, Depth - 29cm / Weight - 15kg (approx)

Adult Gorilla

The baby Gorilla needed some adult guidance too.

Adult Gorilla- Height - 42cm, Length - 55.5cm, Depth - 40.5cm / Weight - 20kg (approx)

Orangutan Family

The Orangutan family all together.

Gorilla Family

The Gorilla family all together.

06/07/2021 - Updated to include the Gorilla Bust.

Gorilla Bust

Gorilla Bust - Height - 38.5cm, Length - 39cm, Depth - 31.5cm / Weight - 10kg (approx)

06/07/2021 - It's arrived! Magnificent.

On Display

The display case is now two thirds full. Now, what I can I put on the third shelf?

13/08/2021 - Updated with the Orangutan bust
07/07/2021 - The full display with new, warmer lighting.

Orangutan Bust

Orangutan Bust - Height - 41.3cm, Width - 36cm, Depth - 29.5cm

13/08/2021 - Arrived today!

The Orangutan Shelf

The Orangutan Shelf is now complete.

On the wishlist

Bald Eagle


Barn Owl

Bear Cub

Hear no evil!

Would you believe it? This, along with 2 others, coming up later this year. All my money is going to end up going to Edge Sculptures. Can't wait to see the finished piece.